Why Should You Switch To Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Now?

Posted by Admin on February, 07, 2020

While considering tiles people usually choose between ceramic, plastic and stone. If you choose ceramic tile, you would either choose original ceramic or porcelain, depending on your preference. However, there is an additional option available of ceramic tile, commonly called vitrified tile. These tiles are similar to traditional ceramic types, but are much less permeable and are suitable for a wider range of projects.

Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tiles have wide similarities to ceramic tiles, but are made with little different elements. The quartz and feldspar are mixed in clay before it is turned to be heated in the kiln. These components melt, giving it a glass look inside the tile. This glass component makes the vitrified files very solid and resistant to any type of absorption.

Benefits of Vitrified tiles

• Vitrified tiles are tiles which have undergone a process called vitrification which gives the tiles its unique advantages.

• Vitrified tiles have very low porosity and very little water absorption rate.

• This exceptional quality of vitrified tiles makes it strong, hard, stain-resistant and also durable.

• Although most of the noteworthy benefits are durable, hard and strong, they are also attractive and give homes a modern look as well.

Double charge vitrified tiles: Double Charge is because where the press feeds two colors on the tiles bisque and makes a thick layer of design on top of it. Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Exporter Gujarat takes well care of the designing and shade to make it specific as per the demands.

This makes double charge vitrified tiles perfect for heavy traffic commercial projects.

• DC tiles- long life compared to traditional tiles.

• Technology limitations- design patterns are limited.

• Convenience over granite tiles

Yet another good thing about this double charge vitrified tiles is that they can be easily installed.

Installation of double charge vitrified tiles is stress-free than granite or marble tiles. This can save time for both the tile layers as well as the homeowners. Just like marble tiles and granite tiles, these tiles are also attractive and they can be coated with a glossy finish to give the perfect look for the modern home.

Manufacturing of vitrified tiles:

Vitrified tiles are made with dust firmness method so it develops harder, denser & less permeable than normal ceramic tiles. It is then put in fire at very high temperatures over 1250 0 C in an extremely hard, dense, similar tile. Vitrified tiles are then polished to a very high texture using the same tools as is used to polish the Granite and Marble. They are also easy to clean.

Generally, with all type of tiles shade variation will occur with different production batches of vitrified tiles. It is significant to certify that sufficient tiles are ordered to complete the project.

Leading double charge vitrified tiles exporters in Gujarat take well care of the demands of their customers. Hence they offer a wide range in the pattern, material, and cost of parking tiles.

They are also endowed with the following features:

• Finest quality products

• Quality analysis

• Market-leading price

• Doorstep delivery

• Expert advice

• User-friendly website

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